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About Us

cytisus scopariusWe are a small but diverse group of researchers studying a variety of questions in ecology, evolution, epidemiology and the environmental sciences. We are interested in community ecology, ecological specialisation, genomics, symbiosis, vector-borne diseases, and biodiversity informatics.  Our work involves field and laboratory experiments, mathematical modelling and web-based bioinformatics. On this site you can find information about the different projects currently running in the group, what we have done in the past, our recent publications, and the people who carry out the research.

Recent selected publications

Hancock, P.A., White, V.L., Ritchie, S.A., Hoffmann, A. and Godfray, H.C.J. (in press) Predicting Wolbachia invasion dynamics in Aedes aegypti populations using models of density-dependent demographic traits. BMC Biology.

Hrček, J., McLean, A.H.C., Godfray H.C.J. 2016 Symbionts modify interactions between insects and natural enemies in the field Journal of Animal Ecology (early view). DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12586

Henry, L. M., Maiden, M. C. J., Ferrari, J. and Godfray, H. C. J.  2015 Insect life history and the evolution of bacterial mutualismEcology Letters 18:516-525.

Hrček, J. and Godfray, H. C. J.  2015 What do molecular methods bring to host–parasitoid food webs? Trends in Parasitology 31:30-35.

McLean, A. H. C. and Godfray, H. C. J.  2015 Evidence for specificity in symbiont-conferred protection against parasitoids. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282:20150977.


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