Dr Ben Clark

Research Associate

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Email: benjamin.clark@zoo.ox.ac.uk
Address: Room E5,
Department of Zoology,
The Tinbergen Building,
South Parks Road,
Oxford, OX1 3PS

I am the Lead Software Developer on the eMonocot project. For the past five or six years I’ve worked on a variety of projects in collaboration with the taxonomists at Kew and the Natural History Museum, London. I was the software developer working on the NERC-funded CATE Project. I also collaborated with, and later was employed by, the EDIT project where I worked on the Common Data Model Library, and associated web-services. I’ve most recently been employed as part of the Science Applications team at Kew where I was involved with the Grass Portal project. I am a biologist by training. During my Ph.D. I used analytical models to study competition between different plant species for nitrogen and the effect of nutrient cycling on the outcome of competition.

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